About the Faculty

Dean's Foreword.

Assalamualaikum w.r.t and greetings.

First and foremost, I would like to welcome you to the new Faculty of Mechanical Technology and Engineering (FTKM) website, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM).

The FTKM website is designed with the purpose of making the academic-related information available and accessible to the students. It contains detailed information on academic programmes, academic system guidelines, facilities, and staff qualifications as well as faculty information, especially on undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Due to the need for diversity in the field of mechanical engineering, FTKM has shifted its approach from offering focused based bachelor degree programmes to broad-based programme. Indeed, this is the first time FTKM has offered the Bachelor Degree of Mechanical Engineering (BMCG) with honours programme. However, specialization subjects will be offered as electives in the fourth year. In addition, FTKM also offers Bachelor Degree of Automotive Engineering (BMCK) with honours programme starting in 2019/2020 academic session. The diploma programme known as Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (DMC) has successfully been offered by FTKM since 2002/2003 academic session. For the postgraduate program, there are three types of Master programmes which are by research, by taught course, and mix mode. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Engineering Doctorate (DEng) are also offered as part of our excellent postgraduate programmes. 

In the context of professional graduates, our faculty provides various facilities for students in developing their skills and self-competency. ‘Research Power House’, which aims to educate and to instill research practices will prepare our graduates to pursue further studies at the postgraduate level. Our continuous effort in preparing a series of demand-driven laboratories to serve our partners from both the industry and also agencies is indeed another step forward in creating a dynamic R&D environment at FTKM, in line with the national policy towards supporting the IR 4.0 ecosystem.

I hope that this website to be fully utilized by all the students, staffs and visitors. I would also like to wish you success throughout your study at Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka. The faculty, administrators and staff at FTKM are committed to your success.


Professor Dr Mohd Fadzli Abdollah

Faculty Vision.

To be One of the World Leading Innovative and Creative Technical Universities

Faculty Mission.

To lead and contribute to the wellbeing of the country and the world by:

  1. Promoting knowledge through innovative teaching & learning, research and technical scholarship.

  2. Developing professional leaders with impeccable moral values.

  3. Generating sustainable development through smart partnership with the community and industry.

Faculty Objectives.

  1. To offer high quality academic programs with emphasis on practice and application oriented mechanical engineering discipline in line with the current industrial requirement and be recognized by professional bodies.

  2. To produce competent mechanical engineering graduates with critical thinking, innovative and have the ability to solve problems either in group or individual in the process of fulfilling the national human capital requirement.

  3. To upgrade expertise and competency of the staff by conducting various quality and well-organized human resource development programs based on good ethical and moral values.

  4. To perform research and development activities based on industrial problems in the process to develop post-graduate programs and to produce prototypes that could be patented and commercialized.

  5. To conduct teaching and learning based on writing and publication activities as well as research and consultancy activities.

  6. To promote smart partnership between university and industry at faculty level.

  7. To offer services in consultancy and lifelong learning with practical and application oriented in the field of mechanical engineering and in other strategic field or specialization to meet the requirement of domestic and global market.

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