Bachelor of Technology in Automotive

Programme Name:

Bachelor of Technology in Automotive with Honours

UPU Code:


Short Code:


Programme Duration:

3.5-6 years

Course composition:

technical courses =

104 credits

Non-technical courses =

16 credits

Total = 120 credits

Technology (Automotive) is the study of how self-propelled vehicles move and refers to the creation or design of vehicle technology and the remediation or repairs required.

The Journey .

The followings are what you will have as a student in Technology (Automotive) at FTKM, UTeM.

Year 1

Basic subjects to enhance the knowledge on fundamental theories in Automotive. This includes the laboratory practices to sharpen the theoretical concepts and also non-technical subjects.

Semester 1 and Semester 2

Automotive Industry & Technology, Automotive Drafting, Automotive Workshop Practice, English for Academic Purpose, Third Language, Co-curriculum I, Basic Technopreneur, Shopfloor Supervision, Automotive Component Fabrication, Automotive Component Design & Assembly, Philosophy and Current Issues, Academic writing, Co-curriculum II

Semester 3 and 4

Project Management, Autotronic System Service, English for Professional Interaction, Elective I, Elective II, Capstone Technopreneurship 1, Powertrain System Service, Appreciation of Ethics and Civilizations, Elective III, Elective IV

Year 2

Fundamental core subjects of Automotive. Still include the laboratory practices and non-technical subjects.

Year 3

Advanced core subjects of Automotive. Student will prepare for professional certificate qualification. Student will also work on a supervised Final Year Project.

Semester 5 and 6

Capstone Technopreneurship 2, Automotive Legislation, Vehicle Marketing, Elective V, Elective VI, Professional Certificate Preparation Course, Final Year Project 1 & 2, Asset and Inventory Management, Quality Management, Risk Assessment

Semester 7

Industrial Training

Year 4

Student will go for industrial training in an industry.

Quality is our responsibility .

With great minds and facilities, comes great responsibilities.

Dr Nadlene Razali
Dr Nadlene RazaliDeputy Dean - Student Affairs
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We always listen and provide the most conducive environment in FKM to develop and bring the best out of each student.
Dr Faiz Redza
Dr Faiz RedzaProgramme Manager
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We craft our programme so that it will stay relevant to the real world.
Dr Juffrizal Karjanto
Dr Juffrizal KarjantoProgramme Coordinator
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Student well-being is at our utmost priority. We make sure smooth administration on students' academic journey.

What our Alumni say


The Curriculum .

W = University Compulsory Course; P = Common Core Course; K = Programme Core Course; E = Elective

year 1 (Semester 1)

BMMF 1014Automotive Industry & TechnologyK4
BMMF 1023Automotive DraftingK3
BMMF 1034Automotive Workshop PracticeK4
BLLW 1142English for Academic PurposeW2
BLLW 1222Third LanguageW2
BKKX XXX1Co-curriculum IW1

*Refer to Third Language Courses table offered by Centre for Languages and Human Development. 
International students are required to take BLHL1012 Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi
**Only for Malaysian students
***Only for International students

year 1 (Semester 2)

BTMW 1112Basic Technopreneur W2
BMMF 1043 Shopfloor Supervision K3
BMMF 1054 Automotive Component Fabrication K4
BMMF 1064 Automotive Component Design & Assembly K4
BLHW 1762 Philosophy and Current Issues W2
**BLLW 2152Academic writing W2
BKKX XXX1 Co-curriculum II W1

*Refer to Co-Curriculum Courses offered by Centre for Languages and Human Development.

year 2 (Semester 3)

BMMF 2073 Project Management K3
BMMF 2084 Autotronic System Service K4
**BLLW 3162 English for Professional Interaction W2
*BMMF 2XX4Elective I E4
*BMMF 2XX4 Elective II E4

*Refer to Co-Curriculum Courses offered by Centre for Languages and Human Development
**Only for Malaysian students
***Only for International students

year 2 (Semester 4)

BTMW 2124 Capstone Technopreneurship 1 P4
BMMF 2134 Powertrain System Service K4
BLHW 2772 Appreciation of Ethics and Civilizations W2
*BMMF 2XX4 Elective III E4
*BMMF 2XX4 Elective IV E4

year 3 (Semester 5)

BTMW 3134 Capstone Technopreneurship 2 P4
BMMF 3183 Automotive Legislation K3
BMMF 3192 Vehicle Marketing K2
*BMMF 3XX4 Elective V E4
*BMMF 3XX4 Elective VI E4
BMXX XXX0 Professional Certificate Preparation Course P0

year 3 (Semester 6)

BMMU 3134 Final Year Project 1 K4
BMMF 3243 Asset and Inventory Management K3
BMMF 3256 Quality Management K6
BMMF 3263 Risk Assessment K3

year 3 (Short Semester)

**BMMU 3186 Final Year Project 2 K6

year 4 (Semester 7)

BMMU 4212 Industrial Training K12

Elective Courses

Elective 1BMMF 2094 Commercial Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance 4
BMMF 2104 Surface Design 4
Elective 2BMMF 2114 Drivetrain Maintenance 4
BMMF 2124 Automotive Modelling 4
Elective 3BMMF 2144 Vehicle Performance Analysis 4
BMMF 2154 Exterior Design 4
Elective 4BMMF 2164 Vehicle Fault Diagnosis 4
BMMF 2174 Component Remanufacturing 4
Elective 5BMMF 3204 Hybrid Servicing 4
BMMF 3214 Interior Design 4
Elective 6BMMF 3224 Electric Vehicle Servicing 4
BMMF 3234 Painting 4

*Students are required to complete four (4) courses (total of 12 credits) with at least three (3) of the courses must be from the same field.

How to apply?


  • Applicants should submit the application through an online application system administered by the Bahagian Pengurusan Kemasukan Pelajar (BPKP), Jabatan Pengajian Tinggi, Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia.

  • The important dates and the procedures for the online submission will be announced by BPKP through their website / printed media/electronic media every year (usually in November) for the next academic session’s intake.
  • Please refer the entry requirement and submit the application online.
  • Applicants may submit the application to UTeM at any time throughout the year. However, applications received by UTeM ON or BEFORE June 30 will be accepted for admission in the current academic session and applications received after the date specified will be accepted for inclusion in the next academic year.

Engineering is the art of directing the great source of power in nature for the use and convenience of man.

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