Find out the world leading facilities in our faculty for teaching and research.

T&L Labs

The laboratories for activities of teaching and learning, mainly used for undergraduate programmes.



Automotive Design Laboratory

Computer laboratory  equip with softwares to support learning in Automotive Engineering especially on the subject of Vehicle Dynamics – BMCK 3913.

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Computer Aided Design (CAD) Studios

CAD Studio provides sophisticated industrial design softwares including AutoCAD, Solidworks and CATIA for students to create 2D and 3D engineering design.

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Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Studio

Computer-Aided Engineering Lab consist of engineering software used for the simulation and analysis of product designs. These analyses commonly include Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and Multibody Dynamics (MBD). 

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Dynamics Laboratory

Dynamic Laboratory provides experimental apparatus for students to learn the concept of engineering mechanics.

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Fitting & Fabrication Workshop
Fluid Power Laboratory

Fluid power lab provides equipment dealing with the generation, control and transmission of pressurized fluids, such as hydraulic system and pneumatic system.

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Heat Transfer Laboratory
Thermodynamics Laboratory
Integrated Design Project Workshop
Machine Workshop
Machinery Building Workshop
Materials Science Laboratory
Mechanics of Machine Laboratory
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
PSM Workshop
Research Workshop
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Statics Laboratory
Structural Mechanics Laboratory
Vehicles Services and Maintenance Workshop
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Welding Workshop
Service & Automotive Laboratory
Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory is to support experimental study in the Chemistry subject (DMCU1233) in the first year of Diploma programme.

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Research Labs

The laboratories dedicated for research activities. Mainly used by postgraduate students and managed by respective research group under the Centre of Advanced Research on Energy (CARe).



High Performance Structure Laboratory
Energy Efficient Laboratory

Energy Efficient Laboratory involved in research on building thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

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Autotronic Laboratory

The Autotronics Laboratory directs its attention to the realm of Automotive Mechatronics, an emerging field arising from the amalgamation of automotive, electrical, computer, and applied control engineering.

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Engine Performance Testing Laboratory
Green Technology Vehicle Laboratory

We have 4 (four) CAD studios consisting engineering design softwares: AutoCAD, Solidworks, CATIA.

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Composite and Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory
Prototype and Innovation Laboratory

Prototype and Innovation Laboratory facilitates design and prototype development services using 3D desktop printers. The printers come with all standard features which allow rapid transition of Computer Aided Design (CAD) data to real product. 

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LabView Studio
Condition-Based Maintainence Laboratory

Condition-Based Maintenance Laboratory consists of equipment  for teaching and research relating to vibration condition monitoring, wear debris analysis and oil analysis for assessing the health of a rotating machine.

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Scanning Electron Microscope Room
Structural Health Monitoring Laboratory
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Machine Workshop
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Tribology Laboratory

Tribology laboratory focuses on the green tribology and engine performance research leading into clean energy.

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Maintenance Engineering Laboratory
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Vibration and Acoustic Laboratory

This is a research laboratory relating to vibration and acoustics including structural dynamics, vibration isolation, vibro-acoustics, acoustic materials, noise control and building acoustics.

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Innovation Laboratory
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Advanced Material Characteristics Laboratory
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Applied Solar Energy Laboratory
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Applied Mechanical Design Laboratory
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Advanced Academia-Industry Collaboration Laboratory

Advanced Academia Industry Collaboration Laboratory (AiCL) involves in fostering the relationship between industry and government agencies with university by providing engineering solution using scientific and technological approaches.

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Research Computer Studio
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Advanced Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

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