Master by Research

About .


The programme comprises 85% research and 15% coursework.

Research 85%
Lectures 15%

Requirement for Pass

6 credit hours of taught subjects.
Oral examination (thesis defence).


Full Time: 1-2 years
Part Time: 2-5 years


The Master by Research consists of independent research activities for a specific field of study supervised by our academic staff who have expertise in that particular field. This is suitable for a student who is intellectually curious to find new knowledge/theory, and to pursue a career in a research institution or to continue for a PhD.  

Programme Syllabus .

Master of Science

SubjectCredit Hours
Research Methodology3
Elective (Choose only one)
Engineering & Technology Management3
Project Management3
Quality Systems Management3
Master Thesis30
TOTAL Credit Hours42

Curiosity is what drives the human race forward .

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