Condition-Based Maintenance Laboratory

Condition-Based Maintenance Laboratory consists of equipment  for teaching and research relating to vibration condition monitoring, wear debris analysis and oil analysis for assessing the health of a rotating machine. The latter is often used for consultancy services for industry.  


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The MFS is a simulator providing all the tools needed to learn and study balancing, alignment, resonance, bearing defects, crack shafts, fan and mechanical rub. SpectraQuest.

The Spectro Trivector Oil Analyzer is a multi-function instrument that detects most lubricant-related problems and enables on-site analysis of machinery oils and lubricants. It provides comprehensive indications of metal wear, lubricant chemistry and contamination. The equipment combines a range of tests into one piece of equipment, including dielectric measurement, magnetic differentiation of wear particles, water detection, laser particle counting, viscosity and the ability to make wear debris filter patches for microscopic examination.

The device is a handheld infrared oil analyzer designed to overcome such challenges. It evaluates fluid condition based on Joint Oil Analysis Program and ASTM International standard practices. The device protects machinery by ascertaining when a lubricant has to be changed owing to fluid mix ups, degradation and contamination, which happen to be the most common causes of oil changes. Spectro Scientific.

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