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Innovation Laboratory is the centre for innovation projects from the initial idea generation to final fabrication for product development and creative exploration. This involves all stages from idea generation, design selection, detail design, computer aided design (CAD), computer aided manufacturing (CAM), computer aided engineering (CAE), ergonomics analysis, machine design, design optimization, prototype development, testing, and final fabrication. The laboratory is equipped with a wide range of softwares from design, optimisation and analysis. The laboratory also fully utilise the open source systems for 3D printers, CNC machines, and reverse engineering application. The laboratory is open for partnerships with industries, research institutions, and innovative startups to drive collaborative innovation projects forward.


Equipment .

An assembly exercise piston compressor to enable students to learn:
– functional testing of a piston compressor
– pressure rise in tank over time
– current consumption of drive motor as function of pressure
– familiarisation with a compressed air generator and its components
– function and mode of operation of safety elements: safety valve, pressure switch, non-return valve
– professional installation of the compressor in the test device, including setting and alignment

GUNT Germany Model ET 512

The ‘Energy Auditing’ Technology Training Panel to assist lecturers in teaching students important lessons in energy management.

Marcraft GT-7500

Instrumented air conditioning laboratory unit to demonstrate of the processes and components used in heating, cooling, humidification, de-humidification of an airstream.

P.A Hilton A660

Refrigeration system with refrigeration and freezing chamber enabling students to learn about:
– design and components of a refrigeration system with 2 evaporators
– components and their functions
* compressor, condenser, evaporator
* thermostatic expansion valve
* evaporation pressure controller
* pressure switch
* electric defrost heater
– thermodynamics of the refrigeration cycle
* effect of refrigerant supercooling
* representation of the thermodynamic cycle in the log p-h diagram
* determination of important characteristic variables: coefficient of performance, refrigeration capacity, compressor work
– fault finding in refrigeration system components

Gunt Germany ET 412 C

A data logger multifunction instrument to measure the microclimate in moderate, hot, severe hot, cold environments and the measure of physical quantities. It is provided with 8 inputs for probes equipped with SICRAM module and a back-lighted graphic display. It has been designed for microclimate analysis in the workplace; the instrument is used to detect the necessary parameters to establish if a certain workspace is suitable to perform certain activities.

Deltaohm HD32.1

A miniature of a cooling tower designed to allow students to learn about the processes related to industrial force draught cooling tower.


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